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Predictive Business Analytics

Blue Ocean University has network of world-class analytics experts and practitioners who help organizations build and sustain enterprise analytics capabilities.

Introduction to data science, Probability & Distribution, Hypothesis Testing

Linear and Multivariate Regression Models, Estimation, Inference

Logit & Probit Models, Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

Our program for senior management is focused on enabling decision makers to understand where to use analytics and how it can add to organization’s competitive advantage.

USD 1999

How We Help

HBR Case Study Solutions

Our case study solutions are based on expert insights, HBR concepts, exhaustive scenario analysis, and rigorous quantitative analysis.

Corporate Presentations

If you are a startup looking to raise money or senior manager to get funding for internal project. We can help you with great presentation to achieve your goal.

Financial Analysis

Connect with us for professional financial analysis - capital budgeting, project valuation, discounted cash flow, IRR analysis,WACC, CAPM & more..

R and Tableau

Harness the power of your data and make amazing data visualization charts, models, maps using R & Tableau. It is the sort of thing that wins promotions.

Excel for MBA

Master the MBA finance problems, project valuation, statistics, quantitative analysis, linear programming, and optimization & transportation in Excel.

One on One Learning

At Blue Ocean University we organize training workshop both online and offline. You will also have access to case studies, worksheets & learning material.